Τhe program of the 13th Antiracist Festival of the Sunday School of Immigrants and the Deport Racism Movement

Τhe program of the 13th Antiracist Festival of the Sunday School of Immigrants and the Deport Racism Movement



The 13th Antiracist Festival of the Sunday School of Immigrants and the Deport Racism Movement will take place at the weekend of 15-16 June at the School of Fine Arts (256 Piraeus Av.). It is a great meeting of coexistence and solidarity, of unity and common struggle of Greeks, refugees and immigrants, where there will be concerts, talks, photo and sketch exhibitions, screenings, shows, playground, international cuisine and many more.

In this year’s festival we are attempting to help the refugees’ voices be heard. The voice of the refugees who are drowning in the Aegean Sea, imprisoned in the shameful hot spots, suffering the ramifications of the racist EU – Turkey agreements. The voice of the most “privileged” refugees who managed to escape the state of being hostage on the islands and are trying not to get kicked out of the flats or camps of the mainland. The voice of those who are confronting the repression forces in Diavata, in Larissa station, everywhere they are prevented from travelling to their destinations in Europe. We unite our  voices with those of the immigrants, who are always seen as “illegal” in advance, who, even in the case they have lived in Greece for many consecutive years, have great difficulties to continue getting the resident permit, or obtain citizenship for their children.

In the 13th Antiracist Festival we talk about the struggle against the far right. About the resistance to the barbaric practices of Salvini, which the solidarity rescuers at the sea between Italy and Libya have to deal with. About our response to the rise of nationalism and the imperialist alliances of Greece. About the old and new fascist organisations who, disguised as “Macedonian zealots” are trying to make the reappearance of militia in the streets possible again. We unite our voice with those of the victims or racist attacks in the centres of cities and in schools, where fascists and xenophobic groups are trying to deprive children of their right to basic education. Among the multiple elections of May and the forthcoming National Elections, in tandem with the Golden Dawn trial which is coming to an end soon, we will try to assess the dynamics of fascist and far right parties in Greece as well as in Europe. We will initiate the conversation with social and political comprades, about the common front we must create against war, poverty, and fascism.

In the 13th Antiracist Festival, activists against sexism and women repression, activists from lgbtqi movements, get together to talk about the ways and to find allies in our struggle for social emancipation and equality, in every sector of our life. In the aftermath of great international events, as the 8th of March, we will seek the causes of the increase of violence against women, murders of women, and murderous homophobic attacks. We will seek ways for the rape victims to find justice, for the elimination of sexist laws which acquit the rapists. For the full recognition of gender identity in all sectors of our life. For equality in the work environment and the demand for a social state which will free pregnant women, mothers, and women workers from the burdens that in the years of memoranda cuts and austerity have made their lives unbearable. On 15 and 16 June, we’ll be waiting for you in the School of Fine Arts, in the 13th Antiracist Festival. In a festival of emancipation and free expression, where we are working for the fine coexistence of sound, colours, and flavours. For a life without compromises, achieved through solidarity with no exceptions!



Saturday 15/6


Stage1, starting 9 pm

Fotis Siotas & Petros Malamas

Orpheas Perides

Alexandros Ktistakis


Stage 2, starting 9.30 pm

Band of Kurdistan Cultural Centre

KETHEA – DIAVASI, band of the cultural club

SOFRANO Old wave


Screening, 10 pm:

Las Hurdes: Land Without Bread

30-minute documentary By Luis Buñuel

Introduction by the director Giorgos Korras


Sunday 16/6


Stage 1, starting 8.30 pm



Yinka & the Fuzics


Stage 2, starting 9 pm

Agia Fanfara

Rembetiko with Manolis Pappos, Giannis Papageorgiou, Avgerini Gatsi

Rembetiko with Athina Lambiri, Eva Xenou, Agis Papapanagiotou, Sotiris Papatragiannis, Haroula Tsalpara


Stand Up Comedy

Comedians: Kelly Anifanti, Stefanos Gidaris, Dimitris Doukoglou, Giannis Biliris, Giorgos Xydias, Alexandros Paspardanis, Andreas Paspatis


Screening, 10 pm

Night and Fog (Nuit et Brouillard)

32-minute documentary by Alain Resnais, about the nazi concemtration camps (1955)

Introduction by the director Giorgos Korras


Saturday 15/6


  • 6.30, talk space A: Theme workshop “Rights not police”

San Ferdinando, Kalabria, Italy / Manolada, Peloponnese, Greece. Parallel stories of the ghettos, exploitation, fires and shootings. The profits of the European fruit/vegetable market, amounting to hundreds of billions euros each year, are based on the work of immigrants. Video screening and talk with the Italian activist Claudio Feliziani.


  • 7.30, talk space B: “The far right after the Euro parliament elections and the struggle against fascism in Greece and Europe” The participants are: Giannis Albanis (Network for the Political and Social Rights), Takis Giannopoulos (Antinazi Zone -YRE), Antonis Draganigos (New Left Current), Ilias Ioakeimoglou (co-editor of the Theseis magazine), Mania Barsevski (Rights Department of Popular Unity). Comments by: Christos Ioanides (Municipality party “A city in the strrets”), Nikos Argyriou (Network of free soldiers Spartacus), and Nikos Kalogiros ( META unionist).

Presentation by Panos Kosmas (Deport Racism Movement)


Sunday 16/6



  • 6.30 pm, talk space A: “Fortress Europe: Penalties for solidarity and rescue cause refugee deaths”
    The participants are: Anabel Montes (rescuer from the Open Arms organization, Barcelona), Iasonas Apostolopoulos (rescuer from the boat Mare Jonio), Thrasos Avraam (refugee solidarity from Lesvos). Presentation by Deport Racism Oraganisation.
  • 7.30, talk space B: Gender-based violence and discrimination in the crisis era”. The participants are: Zoe Kokalou (Justice for Zak/Zackie), Katerina Litsardopoulou (Colourful School), Ezra Dogan ( No Tolerance feminist organization), Lauretta Macauley (United African Women organization), Paola Revenioti, Mando Robolaki (Sabbat feminist organization), and representative of “Purple” feminist organization. Presentation by Athena Skampa (Deport Racism organization).


On both days in the festival premises there will be:

Political Sketch exhibition, participating top Greek cartoonists, such as: Tasos Anastasiou. Dimitris Georgopalis, Michalis Kountouris, Panos Marangos, Maria Jaboura, Vaggelis Herouvim, Soloup.

Photography exhibition, participating well-known photographers, such as Nikos Athanasiou, Nikolaos Georgiou, Marios Lolos, Angelos Barai, Spyros Nanos, Christos Papadopoulos, Angelos Pappas, Dimitris Siderides, George Stathopoulos, Christos Ferguson, Politimi Harami, Maria Hourdari.

Photography exhibition by the Photography Club of the Sunday School of Immigrants.

International cuisine with dishes from Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Kurdistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Turkey.

Playground: The playground will be open from 7 pm to 11 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Potical Stencil

In the premises there will also be stands of immigrant and refugee organisations, antiracist and antifascist movements, LGBTQI and feminist organisations, unions, independent media, local assemblies, resistance initiatives, local collectives and youth organisations.

There will be book selling stands, restaurant and bars.

Access/Information: Train and a 10-minute-walk from the station of Kallithea, line 1. Buses: 049, 914 starting from Kotzia square, stop Fine Arts School. Night bus 500 (Piraeus – Kifisia), stop ISAP Kallitheas (line 1).

Support fee 5€. For both days 8€. Free entrance for the unemployed.


Information: www.kar.org.gr – tel: 6974486368




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